About James Pogson, StoryBrand Certified Guide

I fell into Marketing & Sales wanting businesses to grow.

Recognising how many organisations struggled to still clearly tell me what they do and why I should buy from them is the reason I became a StoryBrand Certified Guide in the UK, bringing success with the ‘SB7’ framework.

Before we even think about marketing and selling you and your business, we create a clear message that strengthens your brand. Combining a clear brand message with the expertise how to market and sell helps you grow your business faster and further. And it won’t stop there. We’ll make it fun and we will succeed.

I’m a StoryBrand Certified Guide here in the UK

StoryBrand is a 7-part marketing framework that’s helped thousands of business’ clarify their brand message, transform their marketing, engage clearly with customers and grow sales.

I’m a strong believer in the StoryBrand framework and have seen its proven success for years. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide here in the UK, I’m trained how to effectively communicate in a way that helps my clients tell their stories, making them stand out above your competitors so that your customers listen. To you.

This is what we will help you with:

-Clear Brand Message how you help your customers
-Memorable Strap Line your customers remember
-Elevator Pitch your audience wants to know more about
-UX Designed Website that converts more traffic
-Sales Lead eMail Marketing Campaigns to nurture leads
-Proven Sales Pipeline creation to grow sales
-Effective Marketing & Sales Strategy to get you on track
-Personal branding that builds your profile and grows the network you deserve

So get in touch with 21StoryMarketing today by scheduling a call and let’s work out a plan how we help your business grow.

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