21StoryMarketing Blog

  • 3-reasons you need story-based marketing and why.
    We grew up listening to storytelling which is why story remains a powerful marketing tool used by thousands of organisations to help their message stand out. This is why you need to tell your story so people listen. Read here how and why.
  • Why do we feel compelled to play the Hero and not the Guide?
    So why do we feel compelled to play the hero and not the guide? Why do we feel the need to list our achievements and play the hero? So why do we then naturally turn to the trusted guide when we need help?
  • Your personal branding is missing something and that’s a problem.
    “So what do you do?” For many of us this question sends us into a blind panic. This article explains how we create an elevator pitch that enhances your personal brand messaging and gets people to ask “Tell me more”.
  • Don’t even think about Marketing until you do this one thing.
    Just imagine spending your hard-earned marketing budget and wondering why you’re seeing the same disappointing performance? Too many businesses are still wasting valuable money and don’t know why. Don’t even think about marketing until you do this one thing…
  • Why you deserve a clear brand message. Here’s what we mean…
    The reason why you deserve a clear brand message is key to your business success. Failing to create a clear brand message leaves customers confused what your business does and why they should buy from you. We know it’s not easy to create the right brand message. It’s a real skill. Here’s how we help..
  • How Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With The Why’ & Story Telling helps your business grow faster.
    How Simon Sinek’s Start With The Why and StoryBrand are a winning combination making you stand out above your competitors. This article shows you how using the StoryBrand framework can bring your Start With The Why to life.
  • Ready for July’s Business Boom?
    Monday July 19th is being dubbed as “Freedom Day”, the date where we return to some normality. This means everything we haven’t been able to do for the past 15-months the UK population will want to do and every business needs to be ready. Will your business be ready and heard above the noise so you can win the slice of the pie you deserve?
  • What Is StoryBrand?
    Introduce the age-old tradition of story-telling into the contemporary world of personal & business brand messaging and you have a powerful and compelling methodology how to effectively communicate with fellow humans. So what is StoryBrand?
  • How to Communicate So That People Listen
    Noise. eMails. Twitter. Insta. FaceBook. TV. Radio. Spotify. I forgot Zoom, Teams, Work emails. This article is all about how you communicate so that people listen. Be the person we enjoy communicating with and let’s create your brand story.