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Why You Deserve A Clear Brand Message To Help Your Business Grow. Here’s what we mean…

Why do so many businesses still fail to create a strong, clear brand message?

Failing to create a clear brand message leaves customers confused what your business does and why they should buy from you.

Some business leaders say :

We’re doing ok, it’s not a priority” or “we already did a brand exercise a few years back“. 

Having the wrong brand message, simply confuses your customers and confuses your teams

But brand messages become out-dated. The message you deliver now is what your audience reads now when they read your marketing messages. And a brand message is what your internal teams feel across the business. If your brand message isn’t clear, the business is simply conveying a confusing message to both its customers and its colleagues.

Having the wrong brand message, simply confuses your customers and confuses your teams leaving them looking elsewhere for a business with a clear brand message. The easier it is to understand what your business does, the quicker your customers will buy.


We know it’s not easy to create the right brand message and a real skill. Good business leaders deserve a brand message that tells their story and shares their passion telling their customers why they should buy from them. 

So what makes a strong brand message?

Let’s break this down:

Clear: Whilst we know what clear means in a brand context, clarity means consistency and the ability to be memorable. 

Brand Message: A brand message clearly explains what the business does and how the products and service helps its customers. 

Don’t confuse. Don’t be overly clever. Don’t complicate

With the continual ‘noise’ of content streaming into our eyes and ears, an organisation must rise above and stand out. Differentiate yourself. Be consistent. Be heard.

Don’t confuse. Don’t be overly clever. Don’t complicate.

Write your Brand Message so it is clear to your audience and helps people understand. 

This is what we mean by a Clear Brand Message

So avoid wasting any more marketing spend, and get a clear brand message. 

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