7-reasons you need story-based marketing and why.

So why do we love story and why you need story-based marketing?

How often do we stop what we’re doing and start listening when we hear someone say: 

Can I tell you a story?”


Can I tell you when…?”

It’s natural. Here’s 7-reasons why we love story:

  1. Story is an ancient and powerful tool we grew up listening to 
  2. We love listening to stories. Our human brains are wired this way
  3. Listening is easy because stories have a format we find simple to follow
  4. Following a story shows how we take them on a journey and transform their lives
  5. When we take people on a journey, we think how it would make us feel 
  6. Story is about feelings which is why in business 63% of us remember stories whilst only 5% of us remember statistics.
  7. And when someone tells a story, we listen.

So why do humans love story?

When our brains have to process so much information every day, how do we recognise the important stuff above all the noise? This is where story helps organisations stand out above the crowd to get you heard.

If we create the same old marketing and expect better results, it just doesn’t work. 

When we use complicated strap-lines we confuse customers.

Using complex marketing copy thinking we’re impressing our customers with our knowledge, we lose customers.

Failing to clearly tell customers how you help them and why they should buy from you sends customers straight to your competitor.  

Why build story based marketing into your business?

  • People Care. Share the story behind your brand, why it exists and why this matters to you. Your story matters to your customers. 
  • Connect:  To survive, you need a connection with your customers. You know ‘people buy people’ and your customers want to engage with you before they buy. 
  • Get noticed. You’re fighting to win your customer’s attention above the noise of your competitors. Story-based marketing makes them stop and listen. 
  • Your Story. Your brand should have depth and soul. People feel this and want to know more about you and your motivation for setting up your business.
  • No More Faceless Organisations: Customers who know more about you will buy from you before they buy from a competitor, even if they offer a similar product or service. 

Who can this work for?

New Business’ with growth aspirations

We know how tough it is to launch a new business and feel you’re juggling everything from the product to people, innovation to marketing and pricing to cash flow.  

What many start-ups assume is that customers know your product or service as well you do and overlook explaining how you help customers and why they should buy from you. 

If you’re just starting out, this is prime time to take a blank canvas and really get your brand message right from Day 1. 

SMEs looking to scale-up 

You’ve put your brand to work getting the hard graft done and you’ve got solid processes, people and rigour in place. You’re now keen to scale-up to the next level but you’re not sure what’s stopping you attracting more customers and converting more business. 

You need to stand out from your competitors whilst competing with new entrants looking to steal your market share. This is where story-based marketing comes helps clarify your brand message, remind customers why you set the business up, how you help your customers and why they should buy from you and not your competitors. 

Large enterprises launching new divisions, products & services

You may think just because an organisation has reached a significant size it no longer needs to implement story based marketing.

Some of the world’s largest organisations from Nike to Starbucks, AirBNB to Apple are inviting their customers to take an aspiration journey. These big brands are continually looking for ways to attract more customers and win more business. 

Starbucks isn’t just a coffee shop, it’s created an aspirational brand many people want to be part of . 

AirBNB isn’t just an accommodation provider, it recommends inspirational places to stay. 

Nike tells us to “Just Do It” giving us the inspiration what we could achieve.

Apple leads the way making beautifully designed laptops, phones, tablets and watches easy to to use, so you can have more fun enjoying music, photos, books and games.

Non-Profit Organisations

Successful Non-profit organisations regularly use story-telling, taking you on a journey showing you what life is and what life could be when they put their cause into action

So whether you’re a profit or non-profit organisation story-telling makes you stand out so your customers listen to you in a way that your competition will never realise. 

 If you’d like any help telling your story, feel free to get in touch

We’re here to help. 

James combines 15-years of marketing and sales expertise and having been trained how to communicate effectively as a Story Brand Certified Guide.

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